Sunday, November 24, 2013

I owe, I owe, I know, I know - but first a TREAT!

Here is a picture from Wright City Oklahoma Choctaw Nation Headstart. The children are wearing their brand new hats. These were the first hats distributed for the 13-14 school year. 

From November 24, 2013

I know I owe you more Meet-the-knitter bios. 

I also owe the back story of how this whole effort started. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Meet a 13-14 hat knitter: D in IA

Here's D in IA's note to the kids about why she knits hats:

I love to knit hats! I think about each one of you as I knit the hats to send. I wonder  what you look like, where you live, what you are learning and what color hat you might like the best. Here in Iowa we get plenty of cold and snow so I know how important it is to have a warm hat. It makes me feel good to know that you will have warm ears this winter. Enjoy your hats!

The Hats for 2013-2014 have arrived safely!!

From Zene Dill of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma:

Dear Ms. E2
Thank you so much E2.  Words can’t express the heartfelt gifts from you, E1, P from MA,  D from IA, and D from CA.   Today at our Management team meeting.  All Head Start Centers were given the hats for the children and I read to them the notes that were sent with the hats.   We have 13 Choctaw Nation Head Starts in the 10 ½ counties of Oklahoma.  Our program services 310 families.  I know the children will be very happy and excited with their knitted hats. 

E2, I gave the Head Start staff the addresses and the e-mails of everyone that sent hats.  I would very much so, like to get some more information from you about the hat project, and possible a picture of you and the others to show the kids.  Could I get your phone number or would you call me at 1-800-...-.... or 580-...-... ext.  2555

Thank you again, the hats a great!!!
Aside: D from RI, and L from MA also knitted some of the hats I sent this year.

Oh, I hope I haven't forgotten any one who contributed!!!!

Crochet Basic Roll-Brimmed Hat

From 310 Hats

Worsted weight yarn
I hook (5 mm)

  • Chain 2
  • 6 sc in 2nd chain from hook. Place marker in last stitch.
  • 2 sc in each sc (12). Move marker.
  • (1 sc in first stitch, 2 sc in next stitch), repeat around (18 sc). Move marker.
  • (2 sc in each of first 2 sts, 2 sc in next stitch), repeat around (24 sc). Move marker.
  • (3 sc in ea of first 3 sts, 2 sc in next stitch), repeat around (30 sc). Move marker.
  • Continue in this manner for 13 or 14 rounds (increasing the number of scs before the increase by 1 each round) until your radius is about 3", diameter about 6", and circumference about 18". (78 scs or 84 scs). This should make a nice flat disc, which is the hat top.
  • Work even without increasing. It will start making a bowl shape. Continue even until the depth is about 6". It needs to be long enough and and big enough around to cover a Kindergarten-age child's head and ears.
  • To create a rolled brim, increase the stitches by 50%: (1 sc, 2 sc in next stitch) repeat around.
  • Work a few rounds even.
  • Slip stitch around to give a nice tight, neat edge.
  • Cut yarn. Work in ends.
  • If the hat is too "airy", you can weave colored yarns through the stitch spaces. Colored yarns will be very decorative.