Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Boxed and sent fifty more hats last Friday

On Friday, 10/18, I boxed up and sent fifty more hats!

Here's the album with photos.
Hats Mailed 18 October 2013

Here's the slideshow:

You know ---- knitting or crocheting the hats is easier than photographing and blogging them. I keep counting the hats in that album... over, and over, and over again. I get a different number every time. I'm SURE I mailed fifty. But I'm not sure I photographed and uploaded fifty.

We have met our goal for the 13-14 year:
E1 and her friend P from MA - 135
E2 - 100
D in Iowa and D in California - 80
That's 315!


Any new hats now can go towards the 14-15 school year.
I know I'm already working on the stash for 14-15. And this time I'm darning the ends as I make the hats. Leaving a hundred hats to darn is a drag.

Thanks to EVERYONE who's pitched in, no matter what way: cheer leading, yarn donation, knitting, whatever. It's ALL good.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Have you thought about how many hats there are?

310 hats x four years in a row now equals one thousand two hundred forty hats. Wow, that's a lot of warm little heads!!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Slideshow of 50 hats E2 boxed up today

Here are pictures of the fifty hats I boxed up today. I'll mail them tomorrow.

Please ignore any extra "stuff" on the table (magazines, notes, the box the hats are going in, the price sticker from the Styrofoam head...).

Some of the pictures are duplicates, and a number could use some notes. Perhaps I'll touch it all up later. No promises.

If you're on a mobile device that won't support the slide-show, you can see the whole album and click the photos at your leisure.

If, for some reason, that link to the album doesn't work, here's some HTML that's supposed to be spiffy:
E2 Hats boxed 14 Oct 2013

Update - 10/16 - Fifty hats mailed on Tuesday, 10/15. I've put comments on every photo in the album. The PO said that photographing and blogging the hats would be sufficient proof as to the value of the contents of the box should the box get lost or destroyed. That's not happened yet, but I'd be devastated if it were to happen. The box is insured. One can only get the value of the yarn back via insurance, in a worst case scenario. But that would be better than nothing. The labor time can never be insured. 

For the 13-14 school year, I believe we have made goal!


D in Iowa has already mailed 40  hats and is working on a few more.
D in California has made 40 and will mail them shortly. 
E1 has made 100 hats. E1 will also have some made by her friend.
E2 has 100-something hats, including some made by her friends D in RI and L in MA.

As long as the "-something" in '100-something' and the count by E1's friend add up to more than 30, we have the 310 goal met!

If you have some hats to mail, here's the address:
Choctaw Nation Head Start
Attn: Zene Dill
P.O. Box 1210
Durant, OK 74702

If you send some hats, please leave a blog comment telling me how many you sent. Also, please send me pictures!!! I think most of the readership knows how to reach me by email. :-)

My deepest gratitude to D in Iowa and D in California and D in RI and L in MA and and E1's friend who lovingly, generously, selflessly pitch in to warm little heads in Oklahoma! Without your loving efforts, this year's goal would be far, Far, FAR harder to meet! 

I'm going to try to remember how to make a slide-show. I've just packed up a box of 50 hats, and want to show you the photos. For your information: 50 hats completely fills a case of paper box that I nabbed from a school where I sub'ed recently.


Crochet Basic Roll-Brimmed Hat

From 310 Hats

Worsted weight yarn
I hook (5 mm)

  • Chain 2
  • 6 sc in 2nd chain from hook. Place marker in last stitch.
  • 2 sc in each sc (12). Move marker.
  • (1 sc in first stitch, 2 sc in next stitch), repeat around (18 sc). Move marker.
  • (2 sc in each of first 2 sts, 2 sc in next stitch), repeat around (24 sc). Move marker.
  • (3 sc in ea of first 3 sts, 2 sc in next stitch), repeat around (30 sc). Move marker.
  • Continue in this manner for 13 or 14 rounds (increasing the number of scs before the increase by 1 each round) until your radius is about 3", diameter about 6", and circumference about 18". (78 scs or 84 scs). This should make a nice flat disc, which is the hat top.
  • Work even without increasing. It will start making a bowl shape. Continue even until the depth is about 6". It needs to be long enough and and big enough around to cover a Kindergarten-age child's head and ears.
  • To create a rolled brim, increase the stitches by 50%: (1 sc, 2 sc in next stitch) repeat around.
  • Work a few rounds even.
  • Slip stitch around to give a nice tight, neat edge.
  • Cut yarn. Work in ends.
  • If the hat is too "airy", you can weave colored yarns through the stitch spaces. Colored yarns will be very decorative.